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Country of Winter, Vodka and beers Russia has totally new image of rapidly developing and growing country in the world with very long history of not only russians but many other ethnicities. Apart from the fact that this is still the biggest country in the world in terms of area (even after collapse of the Soviet Union), Russia has a lot to offer to traveller from around the world in terms of places and activities.

If you have just a week then you can spend it only visiting Moscow and St. Petersburg. These two cities have a lot to offer from Red Square and Hermitage to Moscow river and New Jerusalem monastery.

You can go for a transiberian tour and enjoy history and cities around this one of the longest railway in the world. During this tours you can also enjoy Baikal lake - the biggest and cleanest lake in the world.

In fact Russia can offer a lot of this - biggest or other types of ...est and most in the world.