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Silk Route

Silk Route (Silk Road, Silk Roads, The Great Silk Road) is a name for network of caravan roads and maritime routes that connected West and East (Europe and Orient) and fostered trade between them. Even though this network of roads and routes existed for a long time the actual term silk road (or Seidenstrasse silk road in German) was coined by Ferdinand von Richthofen in 1877.

Roads were used for commercial purposes primilary, however cultural, religious and technologal exchange took place as a result. Silk Road jorney lasted for about 200 days. Only luxury goods were traded on the silk road. Life along the silk route was very diverse.

What is offered to you below is a list of articles on Silk Road history, jorneys, famous cities, empires, people and also current countries that offer ancient silk road sightseeing opportunities.

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